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Qingdao Junfeng Hongyuan die casting material Date:2017-11-20 15:08
Different die casting materials provide different end results for finished parts. Each of the metals and alloys available for die casting offer specific advantages for the finished part. Aluminum die casting yields the most cost-effective parts with the highest tolerance and finest finish. Zinc’s strength and affinity for die casting provide excellent design flexibility, exhibiting an unparalleled combination of cost, strength, ductility, and finish. Some alloys may be perfect for your needs while still other materials offer particular advantages as well.
The versatility of die casting offers top-of-the-line methods for efficiently and economically manufacturing parts. The process can produce a broad range of parts, all with a perfect finish and astonishing detail. Parts have higher tolerances for heat and pressure, are more durable, and last longer than parts made by other methods, leading to lower costs of maintenance and replacement, as well as a reputation of quality for your product.

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Junfeng Park,Guojian, Huanxiu sub-district, Jimo,Qingdao,China

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