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Environmental problem of Qingdao Junfeng Hongyuan

Date:2017-07-24 14:03
Environmental Agency
We work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure compliance and to identify areas that can be improved to reduce environmental impact.
Material Procurement
Qingdao Junfeng Hongyuan handles and uses in its production lines potentially damaging materials which can be harmful to the environment.  To minimise any such impact we procure from recognised and traceable sources from suppliers who respect the environment as much as  we do.
Waste Disposal
Pollution issues are taken very seriously by Qingdao Junfeng Hongyuan and care is always taken to ensure any potential environmental issues are minimised.  
By ensuring materials and wastes are handles correctly, ethically and conform to current CN laws, we look to minimise our carbon footprint and we are proud of our safety and environmental record.

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Junfeng Park,Guojian, Huanxiu sub-district, Jimo,Qingdao,China

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