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Have you considered the advantages of forging? Date:2017-07-18 17:02

For metal parts requiring maximum hardness and strength, that have critical performance specifications and can benefit from an oriented grainflow, or must be formed to special sizes difficult to machine from bar, forging is the best method to choose.

Forging uses hammers or presses to manipulate heated metal to the desired shape. The process breaks down the metal's coarse grain structure into finer grains, and these in turn become better aligned to the shape of your part. The result is a metal part with enhanced density and structural integrity, greater durability and directional strength.

Here are a few more of the advantages of forging:

  • Material savings – forging requires less starting material to produce part shapes, reducing metal costs.
  • Production economies – forging close to final size creates savings by reducing the machining needed to finish the part.
  • Reduced rejection rates – by producing weld-free components with greater structural strength, forging can virtually eliminate rejections.
  • Flexibility in part type, shape and size.

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Junfeng Park,Guojian, Huanxiu sub-district, Jimo,Qingdao,China

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